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3D Design for Retail Fixtures

Reverse color

Signing Concept

In-Store Navigation

Signing Concept


Product cubes designed to hang on store backwall standards

Cube in Structure Shop

Cube usage in-store

Cubes B

Levelers keep cubes tight to the wall

Kmart A-frame B

Revision and new finishes

Find-It Center

Integrating UPC scanner to existing Kiosk

Kmart Adjustable Hangfold

New fixture to replace existing hangfold

Kmart A-frame

New fixture concept


Existing fixture modification to accomodate printer and CCT


Kmart self checkout


Octagon shelving fixture design for San Bruno Connect Solutions department

Tools Display

Fixture finishes and display


Modified shelving unit to fit on existing fixture

Tablet Stand

Mounts to Octanorm fixture for Connect Solutions San Bruno Store