Sears Grand West Jordan

2016 Store overhaul including layout, fixtures, finishes, and more

Connected Solutions House

2015 Sears San Bruno Store iPad App

Connected Solutions San Bruno Sears

2015 Internet-of-Things Store Department Design

Sears Albuquerque

2015 Store Redesign

Auto Center Waiting Room

2014 King of Prussia Auto Waiting Room Redesign

Garage Shop

2015 Home Mechanic Shop Concept

Kmart Transformation

2015 Conceptual designs for Kmart store refresh

Samsung Shop Concept

2017 Samsung TVs, Audio, and Mobile

Shop Concepts

Smaller in-store designs and ideas


Small in-store features

Fixture Design

3D Design for Retail Fixtures


2d views for pricing, measurements, and construction

3D Assets

3d modeling for games and mobile applications


Personal and Professional Photography

2D Art

Sketches and Digital Paintings